Methodology – Solingua Learn Spanish


Our Spanish courses are well-structured with a specific methodology based on students’ needs and abilities. In our classes we conduct activities in order to encourage our students to interact and to use as much Spanish as possible, so  the language can be practical for their daily-life situations. We also combine complementary techniques and strategies which are proven to be effective for language learning.

Our teaching team is formed of a group of dedicated and qualified native Spanish speakers who are expert at new teaching techniques which make the classes dynamic, interesting and fun.

In class, we use a textbook with grammatical explanations and a conversation workbook.

These materials follow the Curricular Plan of Cervantes Institute and the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

From the very first day and before the class begins, participants will have to complete a test designed by our school. By reviewing the test results, each student will be assigned to a group depending on their level of grammar, conversation and vocabulary.

They can change groups if the teacher and the academic director considers it is appropriate.

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